Order Your Face Down Recovery Equipment today and recovery in comfort!

We understand first hand just how intimidating planning a vitrectomy recovery surgery can be. And, we have made it our personal mission to provide you with comfortable recovery equipment for your Face Down Positioning needs in Miami FL.

Why Choose Us

We offer you the more comfortable and affordable vitrectomy recovery equipment to residents of Miami FL, Orlando FL and Naples FL.

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Fill out our easy online order form or call us at
1 (800) 331-9695.

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Get access to a knowledgeable support group during your recovery.

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Take the time you need to recover and keep your rental for 30 days.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions people have asked about the rental

Do you charge for shipping?
We ship your equipment to you by Free ground service. If you live in  Miami FL or Orlando FL, we offer fast delivery services.
How much for a rental?

We charge $12 a day to rent the Face-down Recovery equipment for a period of 30 days in your home. We want you to take your time and return it when you can. Here at Facedown Recovery Equipment we're all about convenience to the patient. 

Am I going to be bored during my recovery?
When in the Face-Down Position, Lets face it,  you can get bored. That's why we developed a online gaming platform that allows you to be able to play online games right from our website, You can play, chess, checkers, poker or just a simple game of solitary, it's all included with your vitrectomy recovery rental.  How sweet is that? 
What's the Vitrectomy Recovery Guide?

Everyone who rents from us receives our Free Vitrectomy Recovery Guide which gives useful tips on things you can do to make the recovery from your vitrectomy much easier. It covers how to position, and tell you what things you need to prepare in advance before your surgery.

You have a Vitrectomy Support Group?

Yes! You get the support of a community of people who have had the vitrectomy surgery themselves. Here you can ask questions and start new conversations.  


Enjoy reading our free vitrectomy recovery guide.
It's full of useful tips and bonuses!

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